Solar Panels, Inverters, Monitoring And Warranty

Solar panel and system installation is a significant investment for your home or business. To ensure that your installation is safe and efficient, it is important to work with an experienced electrician from Just Installed Electric who specializes in solar panel installation.
Our licensed electrician in Just Installed Electric will be able to assess your home or business and design a solar panel system that meets your energy needs. We will also ensure that the system is compliant with local building codes and safety regulations. Trusting us will give you peace of mind that your installation is safe and up to code.
During the installation process, our electrician will be responsible for connecting your solar panels to your inverter and battery storage (if applicable). We will also connect the inverter to your home’s electrical system. This requires a thorough understanding of electrical circuits and wiring, which an experienced electrician from our company can provide.
Additionally, our electrician may help you choose the right type of solar panels for your needs. And will consider factors such as your energy needs, the size and orientation of your roof, and shading to determine the optimal type and number of panels to install. This will ensure that your solar panel system is efficient and cost-effective.
After the installation is complete, our electrician will conduct a thorough inspection of the system to ensure that it is safe and up to code. They will also help you activate the system and connect it to the electrical grid.
Working and trusting us as your electrician who specializes in solar panel installation is crucial for a safe and efficient solar panel system. We will design and install the system to meet your specific energy needs while ensuring that it meets local building codes and safety regulations. With our help, you can enjoy the benefits of solar power while reducing your energy bills and your carbon footprint.
Looking to make the switch to solar power and reduce your carbon footprint? Our team of expert electricians at Just Installed Electric is here to help you every step of the way. With 27 years of experience in the field you can trust us from selecting the right solar panel system for your home or business, to handling the installation and ongoing maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. Let us show you how easy and affordable it can be to harness the power of the sun with a high-quality solar panel system from our experienced team.
We are the most affordable solar company on the market right now. We only use the best solar panels, inverters and monitoring on the market today.
Per solar panel monitoring is all we use to guarantee that production of your system is always 100%. No cheap panel gimics.
Best Solar Panels / Best Installation / Best Warranty

Back Up Generators

With power outages becoming a reoccurring problem in Southern California, we install back up generators or battery back up systems on at least 50% of our solar systems to protect against power loss to our customers. That means, if the utility company turns power off you are still on. No more food going back, no more candles at night in the heat ?

Ground Mount & Commercial Solar Systems

Ground mount systems are our expertise. as well as commercial buildings. from 20-1000 panels you will benefit with solar mounted to a flat roof all the way to finding space on your land. Our design team will make it happen for you.

Solar Warranty Menu

Copper Plan (Solar Panel Cleaning & Testing)

Less than a dollar a day for most solar systems with your generac, tesla powerwall, or whole house generator solutions with our team in el cajon.

Twice A Year Cleaning
Of Panels

On roof or ground mount solar panel cleaning service. This ensures that your solar system can produce at maximum output by cleaning off debrie

Testing & Fixes At The Time Of Cleaning Service

Test and check electrical connections and display monitor for production based upon averages to ensure system is operating efficiently

Addition Work At Discounted Pricing

All work that has to be performed to fix or repair or add to solar system shall be at a discounted rate

Platnium Plan (Cleaning & Monitoring Solar System)

Less than a couple of dollars a day for most systems
Same as copper plan with up to 4 visits for cleaning solar panels as needed
Same as copper plan with testing & full remote monitoring of system
All additional work shall be at a discounted rate.
The cost of replacement parts, system upgrades, and replacement of materials are an extra cost on top of warranty fees. All new work to be performed at a discounted membership rate as long as warranty is valid through us.

Our Testimonials

We are very happy for our client's review. You will see from their reviews why they always choose us.

Drew originally came out to my house for a site survey for my additional solar and additional battery installation in early 2022. I talked to Drew explaining what I was hoping to get from the additional installation. Fast forward almost an entire year and after all permitting and all the other hoops that one has to jump through to get solar Drew returned to finally install both the battery and solar. Once Drew arrived he remembered me and my request and he reassured me that he was still going to meet my request and that there should be no issues with the installation. Drew did exactly that and delivered what he promised and I am super happy with his work and his customer service.


Had a lot of work done by Andrew and crew. Solar, whole patio enclosure, whole outdoor bar and bbq area, and plenty additional. They surpassed expectations and took care of any problems that arose. I highly recommend!


So far we are very impressed! Drew responded to our call quickly, and came out within a couple of days. He identified the problem and fixed it in one visit. We had another "solar" electrician come a few months ago who charged us $350, told us the system is working, and left. The system was NOT working, and Drew found evidence that the guy never even opened the panel on the inverter!! We are thrilled with Drew and ready to sign up for the service warranty because he knows what he is doing, and because it is impossible to find anyone else who knows what they are doing and provide support!! We highly recommend Just Installed Now.